'St John Experience', the annual event of St John in Western Australia

Western Australia, Australia, 22. October 2016

All pictures by St John Western Australia

Over 1,500 staff and volunteers from St John Western Australia attended this year’s ‘St John Experience’, held over three days in September. This event showcased those aspects of St John in Western Australia which make it a leader in first aid training and ambulance services.  Among the achievements celebrated at the event was St John’s connection to the community of Western Australia: the organisation responded to over 289,000 ambulance cases in 2015/16 and delivered first aid training to over 317,000 individuals.

This annual event of St John Western Australia included conference-style presentations from directors and keynote speakers, training workshops, exhibitions, displays aligned to the organisation’s 2020 Vision, and prize giveaways. To that end, St John Western Australia dedicated a stall in its display area to showcase the work of two JOIN members: St John International and the St John Eye Hospital Group.

Brigadier Tom Ogilvie-Graham, CEO of the St John Eye Hospital Group, and Diana Safieh, Individual Giving Manager, were guests at the event. Handouts detailing the Venerable Order of St John’s work across the globe also featured prominently in the display area and were popular among attendees.

The ‘St John Experience’ encompasses all aspects of St John Western Australia’s integrated operating model, where staff and volunteers, in metropolitan and country areas, across ambulance and first aid services, all operate together to improve health outcomes for Western Australians. 

St John Ambulance in Australia is part of the Venerable Order of St John. Follow this link to get more information about the work of our JOIN member in over 40 countries across the world.