Sveta Jana Palidziba at the Ariadne’s Thread Festival in Moscow

Moscow, Russia, 30. December 2016

All pictures by Svety Jana Palidziba

From 15 to 18 November, a delegation from Sveta Jana Palidziba participated in the Ariadne’s Thread Festival in Moscow. A dozen of mentally challenged people from the day care center run by our Latvian JOIN member were accompanied by three volunteers. The Ariadne’s Thread Festival is intended for people with specific psychological needs and its motto is: Openness-Creation-Integration. It offers a broad range of theatrical performances and shows and aims to improve mentally challenged people’s integration as well as their self-esteem.

The two performances ‘Romeo and Juliet’ of our Latvian team received an applause from the audience while they attended many other plays and visited the Russian capital. The three volunteers were from great help, acting as assistants to dress up for the shows and as travel guides through Moscow.

Follow this link to get more information (in Latvian) on Sveta Jana Palidziba.