Visit of Sveta Jana Palidziba in Latvia

Riga, Latvia, 25. May 2016

On 25 May, the JOIN Office had the chance to visit its Latvian member in Riga. The Director Melanija Grundšteina, who participated in the JOIN annual general meeting in Helsinki a few days before, presented the activities run by Sveta Jana Palidziba.

“Since the creation of Sveta Jana Palidziba in 1993, the number of services provided is constantly growing” explains Melanija Grundšteina. The offer currently includes transport for disabled people, care at home and provision of family and social assistants, a day care center for mentally challenged people as well as daily distribution of meals and second-hand clothing. In addition, more and more young people are volunteering in one of the mentioned activities.

A simple statistic summarizes the overall development of our Latvian JOIN member: when Melanija Grundšteina started to work at Sveta Jana Palidziba in 2004, it had 10 employees. Nowadays, more than 260 people work for the organisation. Many of the services provided are financed through the Riga Social Services, what demonstrates the confidence of the public authorities in the quality of the work carried out by our Latvian JOIN member.

Regarding collaboration with other JOIN members, Sveta Jana Palidziba is receiving three times a year second-hand clothing from Johanniter Germany’s regional branch of Hamburg. Moreover, our Latvian JOIN member would welcome support concerning the summer camp for disabled children it is organising for four years.

Follow this link to get more information (in Latvian) on Sveta Jana Palidziba.

Melanija Grundšteina, Director of Sveta Jana Palidziba

Picture by Johanniter International