Civil protection training in Hungary with 18 successful candidates

Terény, Hungary, 26. July 2017

Pictures by Johannita Segítő Szolgálat Hungary

In 2016 Johannita Segítő Szolgálat (St. John Charity Service in Hungary) launched a new civil protection training to involve new volunteers in the activities of the Organisation. Towards the end of July 2017, 18 recruiters successfully finished the 80-hour-training, which was a joint venture with the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta (HCSM), included topics like camp management, sheltering, social work, psychology, conflict management, teamwork and cooperation, first aid and psychosocial support, project management, international and national civil protection actors, ethical and legal frameworks, technical skills. 

25 recruits were admitted to the course out of which 18 successfully passed the final exam. The exam was incorporated in a disaster management exercise, which took place in Terény, Nógrád county at the campsite of the SJCS. The training and the exercise was supported by experts of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management and the HCSM. The Hungarian JOIN member has identified civil protection a priority field and is aiming to further increase its existing capacities in the next years.