Swiss JOIN member supports establishment of a new maternity unit in South Sudan

Berlin/Juba/Nairobi, 07. July 2017

Wolf-Ingo Kunze (left) - Federal Board member of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Germany and also JOIN Board member with Thomas Vorwerk (right) - President of the relief organisation of the Swiss Commandery of Johanniter Order (Hilfswerks der Schweizerischen Kommende des Johanniterordens)

Pictures by Johanniter Germany

Although the United Nations declared the end of the famine in South Sudan, the situation stays worrying. Fights and droughts in many regions of the country caused that the amount of people suffering from hunger rose from 4.9 to 6 million. This pushes many to leave the country. Johanniter International Assistance has been running projects contributing towards improving of the nutrition of the local people for several years. For example, in 2015 our German JOIN member provided 15,000 children, pregnant women and mothers with additional nutrition care. It has recently spread its activities further to western provinces Bahr el Ghazal, where Johanniter will help with stabilisation of the situation caused by the migration waves. 

In the upcoming months, a new ‘maternity unit’ will be built in the municipality of Kangi. Pregnant women currently have to cross 60 kilometers when seeking medical assistance by child birth. Thanks to the new maternity station those women will be taken care by qualified midwives. The Swiss Commandery of the Johanniter Order decided to financially support establishment of such a new maternity unit, realised in the frame of the project run by Johanniter International Assistance. Already in the past, several health centers were built in the southern parts of the country with the help of financial donations of the Swiss Commandery of Johanniter Order. The long term financial support of the maternity unit in the Western Bahr el Ghazal is however a new initiative. 

“We are glad to have the Swiss Commandery on our side as a stable partner already since 2005. The new long-term sponsorship for the project in Kangi is however a mile-stone project for our Johanniter Family”, said Wolf-Ingo Kunze, Federal Board member of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Germany and also JOIN Board member. 

Read more about the project here (in German).