Austrian volunteers support their German colleagues at the Carnival in Neuss, Dusseldorf and Cologne

Dusseldorf, 12. February 2018

On Wednesday 7 February, seven Johanniter volunteers from Vienna and Innsbruck aged between 20 and 66 years arrived in Neuss to help at the Carnival-days. Dr. med. Markus Hüsemann, a doctor in Vienna and the only one of the Austrian delegation with experience of carnival said: "I'm actually from Neuss. I went to Vienna in 2013 to study medicine and I stayed there. We have also been involved in the Berlin Marathon for several years now. There we met the colleagues from Dusseldorf and came up with the idea to come here."


Austrian volunteers in Dusseldorf parade, 12.2.2018

All pictures by Johanniter Austria

The Austrian volunteers helped on Thursday 8 February in Cologne at the “Altweiberfasnacht” (the start of the carnival), on Sunday at the “Kappe-parade” in Neuss and on Monday at the Carnival parade in Dusseldorf. Wound care was high on the agenda, as medical service director Marcel Kübel from Neuss explained: "It is easy to fall down under the influence of alcohol, and sometimes aggressive disputes are also happening during carnival". Volunteers had also to deal with persons who sat on the roadside in icy temperatures. And of course, they also helped those who had looked too deeply into the glass. "At the carnival itself, I hardly noticed anything," said Dominic Hiemer, an Austrian volunteer. "You always have a lot to do. And even if I am not a carnival fan: The Rhineland is great, I would like to come back. "

German and Austrian volunteers together

On Monday evening 12 February, a small carnival party took place with the other Johanniter volunteers who were in duty. Some of the Austrian volunteers even came in a carnival costume.

Later this year, on 26 October, at the occasion of the Austrian National Holiday, some German volunteers from Neuss plan to make the return visit to Vienna.