PR, Marketing & Communication group meets in Vienna

Vienna, Austria, 23. March 2018

On 22 March, the JOIN PR, Marketing & Communication Working Group came together in Vienna for a two-day meeting. Representatives from England, Germany, the Netherlands, the Venerable Order of St John and the JOIN Office were hosted by Johanniter Austria.


Richard Fernandez presenting St John Ambulance´s activities

All pictures by Johanniter Austria

On the first day, the participants updated each other on relevant developments in their respective organisation. Johanniter Germany presented its new lobbying and communication concept as well as its branding strategy. The Venerable Order of St John showed a video and graphics on the worldwide impact of its work, also including the work of the Dutch, German and Swedish Orders. Moreover, the St John Mother and Baby program currently running in African countries was presented. Two separate exchanges of views took place on the appropriate use of social media and on current practices and legislations regarding defibrillators. Each participant reported on the situation in his/her own country while the JOIN Office prepared a survey concerning other European countries. Finally, Robert Brandstetter, Head of the group, informed that several JOIN members agreed to harmonise their logos and that contact has been made with a common designer.

The PR, Marketing & Communication group together with the JOIN Board.

From left to right: Richard Fernandez (St John Ambulance), Birte Hilbert (Johanniter Germany), Joachim Berney (JOIN Office), Chiao Kwan (Venerable Order of St John), Therese Raatz (Johanniter Germany), Christian Velten-Jameson (JOIN Vice-Chairman, Association des Oeuvres de Saint-Jean), Johannes Bucher (JOIN Chairman, Johanniter Austria), Eric von Troil (Board member, Johanniter Finland), Alexandra Vetter (JOIN Office), Robert Brandstetter (Johanniter Austria), Lidwien van der Reep (Johanniter Nederland), Katinka Kersting (Johanniter Nederland), Mark Broughton (Board member, St John Ambulance). Not on the picture: Belinda Schneider (Johanniter Austria).

On the second day, St John Ambulance reported on its lobbying campaign called ‘Every Child a Lifesaver’. The JOIN Office prepared a European comparison on the teaching of first aid in schools. This was followed by a presentation on Johanniter Nederland’s activities, with a focus on the production of short films with and for the elderly. Johanniter Austria then showed its marketing clips called ‘Jahre im Not’ and ‘Eltern pflegen ist kein Kinderspiel’ that appeared on TV and radio. As usual, the JOIN Office prepared an update on recent developments within the JOIN family. Additionally, the meeting provided the occasion to meet the JOIN Board, which gathered at the same time in Vienna.