St John Eye Hospital: first research papers published in scientific journal

Jerusalem, 20. April 2018

After the good news of the inauguration of a new lab at the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, there is now another great achievement. The 2016 established St John Ophthalmic Association (SOA) has just published its first two SOA research papers in “The Journal of Ophthalmic Vision and Research”.

 The major focus of SOA is to collaborate on research between ophthalmic centres with ties to St John. The newly published papers entitled 'State of the Art Parts 1 and 2' are studies on both the common and irregular infections which occur within the eye socket. It is vital that these infections are identified as infections within the eye socket can potentially leave permanent damage and even result in death. The papers will act as best practice guides on treating these conditions and can be read in full here and here.

 As a result of a two-year collaboration between different ophthalmologists David Verity, co-fonder of SOA and St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Trustee, explains: “This represents a key component of the SOA - to put collaborators in contact to enable them to write together, and in doing so to encourage and to support staff at the St John Eye Hospital.”

 Picture by St John Eye Hospital