Day Care Centre for mentally challenged people

The project

Sveta Jana Palidziba is providing different social services to the population. Among its activities, our Latvian JOIN member is running a day care centre for mentally challenged people. The work is conducted by employees as well as volunteers.

The Volunteer

The volunteer will help to take care of the mentally challenged people. Working with them might include playing games together and showing them ways to improve their self-competences. The volunteer will also accompany them on trips (one-day to three-day trips) to the countryside.


Riga and trips to the countryside, Latvia.


To be agreed between June and August 2019.

Who can apply?

Every St John/Johanniter volunteer.


Preferably English or Russian, but any other languages is welcome.

Other important information

Accommodation and food wil be provided.


If you are interested, please contact Ms Ieva Grundšteina 

and put the JOIN Office in copy.