St John rescue corps exchange

Postponed to late 2020 !


The volunteer will participate in training events for St John Rescue Corps staff in Malta.

The Volunteer

The Volunteer will participate in training events of the St John Rescue Corps in Malta. He/she will learn about the complex and specialist rescue techniques practiced by the Rescue Corps in a long weekend of scenarios and training. Participants will also be required to deliver an afternoon of training to the Rescue Corps based on their own organisation’s SOPs for complex rescue in semi-permissive environments.


Fort Madalena, Malta.



Postponed to late 2020 tba


Who can apply?

St John volunteers who are active members of a specialist rescue team, such as a Medical Response Teams or Mountain Rescue. Volunteers must be trained and experienced in rescue operations, such as dense-crowd retrievals and casualty extraction techniques.

Languages: English

Other important information

Accommodation provided at Fort Madalena. Food will be provided during the training.


If you are interested, please contact the JOIN Office at