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Drop-in shelter for mentally challenged people

The ‘Diakonaal Aandachtscentrum’ is a drop-in shelter for mentally challenged, isolated, lonely or homeless people. The shelter offers a safe and friendly environment for anyone who needs peace, attention, understanding, comfort or a good conversation. The centre is open every afternoon and on Saturday morning. Some visitors come just once, others walk in almost every day. We welcome around fifty to sixty people every day. This is made possible thanks to many volunteers who work as host in the centre.
The volunteer will work as host in the centre. This means welcoming the visitors, making them feel at ease, having a conversation, listening to their stories. Other tasks are making coffee, counting the visitors, serving bread, baking pancakes, some cleaning.
Who can apply?
No qualifications are required, though you need social intelligence, compassion, love for other people.
Languages: English required, (some Dutch would be nice). Other languages could be helpful (the visitors come from all over the world).
Minimum age: 20 years.
The project continues throughout the year 2018. Please feel free to join us for one or two weeks.
Working hours per day
4 hours per day
Dordrecht, the Netherlands
Other important information
Private accommodation free of charge (host family) might be possible. Availability depends on the duration of the stay and the period.  If not available, we assist in looking for an accommodation with moderate prices.
50% of the travel costs will be covered by the JOIN office.
If you are interested, please contact Ms Katinka Kersting 

Johanniter Nederland


Founded in 1974

4,380 volunteers

7 employees




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