Strengthening Resilience

Prepare Communities to Cope with Negative Effects of Crises and Disasters

Resilience refers to the ability of people to withstand challenging situations. Johanniter defines resilience as an individual‘s or a community‘s capacity to overcome the consequences of crises, violent conflict, natural disasters or climate change without jeopardising their livelihoods in the medium term while at the same time being better prepared for future crises.

Strengthening resilience requires a holistic approach in order to enhance and expand the capacities of individuals and communities. Where possible, Johanniter strives to implement integrated programmes that incorporate its core competences in the areas of health care, fighting malnutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as food security and income generation. In this context, it is also important that considerations regarding resilience strengthening are made already during the emergency relief phase and later linked to reconstruction and longer-term development-oriented activities.

In order to ensure that extreme events do not lead to disasters in the future – and consequently negate successes in strengthening the livelihoods of affected people – specific, targeted disaster preparedness and prevention measures are vital. These include community-based early warning systems or earthquake-proof construction techniques for houses and health centres.

Disaster Preparedness for People at Risk

First Aid Session in Pakistan. Foto: JUH/Salvinelli

Particularly in areas with high risk of earthquakes or in regions regularly affected by droughts or floods, Johanniter are implementing since several years disaster preparedness sessions and first aid workshops, in order to prepare and enable people to react quickly and correctly in future events. Therefore, Johanniter forms trainers and multipliers in first aid and disaster risk management at the beginning of each prevention project. Afterwards, they pass their knowledge to their communities. The courses transmit broad knowledge about disaster types, their characteristics and causes, basic first aid skills, the creation of an emergency plan on household level and the composition of a 72-hour emergency package.

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