The Balley

Balley Brandenburg – the hub of the Order

The Balley (bailiwick) can be called the hub of the Order, at the center of the various commanderies with their institutions and the charitable works of the Order.  All of them together form an indivisible whole.  The Balley sends the impulses that give the Order and its charity work its special characteristics.  The leadership of the Order is organized as a part of the Balley, this being the Herrenmeister, the Chapter and the Government of the Order.

The Balley and its German commanderies are part of the Evangelical Church in Germany based on the letter of protection issued by the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany of May 2nd, 1947.

Legal form / Copyright of the name and of the logoThe Balley Brandenburg des Ritterlichen Ordens St. Johannis vom Spital zu Jerusalem (Brandenburg Bailiwick of the Knightly Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem) – referred to as the Johanniter Order for short – has been reinstituted on October 15th, 1852as the Protestant branch of the old Johanniter Order by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. of Prussia, based on his sovereignty as the political ruler acknowledged since the Peace of Westphalia.  The same decree has granted corporation rights to the Johanniter Order (as published in the Preussische Gesetzsammlung (Collection of the Laws of Prussia) no. 1 of January 15th, 1853).


The statutes of the association, founded under the laws of a now defunct state, are in force in the version dated June 27th, 1993, ratified by the Regierungspräsident (President of the administrative district) of Cologne on August 20th, 1993 (15.2.2-16/62) and by the Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany by the “Decree approving the amendments to the statutes of the Johanniter Order” of April 19th, 1994 (published in the Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette) 1994, p. 954).  They have since been amended several times, the last modification was made in 2004.


The name of the Balley, the name “Johanniterorden“, the designation “Die Johanniter“ as well as the circle surrounding the eight-pointed cross have been protected internationally by copyright

Registered seat of the Balley

Today, the Balley has its registered seat in Potsdam -
Allee nach Sanssouci 5
D-14471 Potsdam

The administration is in the hands of the
Finckensteinallee 111
D-12205 Berlin

Members of the Balley

Only those members are directly associated with the Balley who spend longer periods of their life in a country in which the Johanniter Order has no commandery.  These members of the Order are headed by a Commander.