Youth Work within the Order

The youth work within the Order of St. John (in German: “Jugendarbeit im Orden / JiO”) is an open association of young Christians, knights and aspirants of the “Johanniterorden”, as well as their friends interested in the Johanniterorden’s activities.

The aim of the JiO is to support the Order and its existing institutions and to fulfill the missions that may be entrusted to them by the Order – even through own JiO-activities.

The persons in charge of the JiO will offer you within the frame of each Commandery their program for the year 2017 with the following main activities:

  • Summer camps / camps for children / camps for children and adults with disabilities
  • Weekend trips for children with disabilities
  • Visit and care weekends in nursing homes for the elderly
  • Professional counseling and mentoring for pupils and students
  • International summer leisure / camps
  • Travels to the Holy Land or other destinations

Just contact the person in charge of the JiO of your Commandery to join the program or to suggest new activities.

The JiO is committed to the mission and traditions of the Johanniterorden: to fulfill this task we need the support of all the young members and friends of the Order who share these values.

On behalf of the Johanniterorden I would like to thank all those who are committed to the success of the JiO-program in 2017 

With kind regards
Pierre Chomiac de Sas
Commissioner for Youth Work within the Order

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