First-Aid basic training / Company First-Aid basic Training in Münster

In this training, "first aiders" are trained for all (emergency) cases within 9 hours. It complies with the requirements of the accident insurance institutions (DGUV) and of the driving licence ordinance (FEV).

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You will be trained to understand the basics of first aid, to stay calm and in control in an emergency. During 9 units, you will be given both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. The training is highly practical and takes a hands-on approach to learning first aid. The course covers among other things the role of the first aider, bleeding (minor and severe), fainting and resuscitation (adult CPR). After the training you can provide reassurance and comfort until the paramedics arrive, you will be able to cope with emergencies more confidently and you can act in an emergency properly to help someone to survive.

First aid course in English

We train you to understand the basics of first aid, to stay calm and in control in case of an emergency:

What do I have to do if someone...

... has lost consciousness?

... has a cardiac arrest?

... has for example a heart attack?

... is bleeding heavily?

After training:

  • you will be able to stay calm until the paramedics arrive
  • you will be able to handle emergencies confidently
  • your action will help someone to survive

These first aid courses comply with the requirements of the Driving Licence Ordinance (FEV) for all driving licence classes as well as the accident insurance for first aid in companies (DGUV Regulation 1, DGUV Principle 304-001).

participation fee: 60 € / person

First Aid Courses in English in the area of Münster are only available upon request for groups of 12 persons or more.