News from our projects

  • Afghanistan: Emergency Relief after Earthquake in Badghis

    On 17 January 2022, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake damaged or destroyed thousands of homes in Badghis province. We support the care of the injured and provide winter aid.

  • Philippines: "It was the longest night of our lives"

    17 January 2022

    Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines in mid-December, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Our Johanniter staff member Arnie Najera vividly describes how he experienced the night with his family.

  • Mozambique: Acute water shortage fosters disease

    More than 735,000 people have been displaced in northern Mozambique since 2017. Johanniter and partner organisation Wiwanana distributed relief goods to prepare 600 families for the upcoming rainy season. Then, there is a threat of renewed cholera outbrea

  • Philippines: Johanniter partners distribute relief supplies after Typhoon Rai


    The extent of the damage caused by Typhoon Rai is enormous. Johanniter provides 20,000 Euros for relief measures. The partner organisation HIPPE supports 1800 families with urgently needed relief items.

  • Participants of the workshop in Myanmar stand in front of the Johanniter logo.

    Eye care in Palestine: A ray of hope for people affected by the conflict


    Specialised eye treatments are hardly possible in the Palestinian territories. Our partner St. John Eye Hospital provides children and young people with emergency surgery and treatment to overcome visual impairment and eye injuries.

  • A woman wearing a Johanniter vest stands in front of a group of people and gives a lecture.

    Inequality fosters gender-based violence


    Every year, 25 November is the kick-off to raise awareness about violence against women and girls worldwide. Our team in South Sudan is raising awareness during the days of action.

  •  Kanaer Kampraer in the middle of his rice field

    Cambodia: Against poverty in times of Corona


    Malnutrition and health problems are symptoms of deep poverty. With a multi-sectoral approach, local Johanniter partners in Cambodia are slowly reducing the causes.

  • Two locusts sitting on a plant

    Kenya: Plague of locusts looms in drought region


    More than two million people are threatened by acute malnutrition due to a drought. Now another disaster is threatening the food situation in the country: locusts.

  • South Sudan: Floods lead to widespread hunger


    Since May this year, 623,000 people in eight provinces in South Sudan have been affected by severe floods. Schools, houses, health facilities and water sources have been swamped. Johanniter distribute jerry cans and provide health services.

  • The representative of the Ministry of Environment, Fernando Moya, hands over the agreement to the President of APESARBIPAR, Jackson Cabezas.

    Ecuador: Agreement signed on sustainable use of mangrove forests


    To protect mangrove forests and their sustainable management we are implementing a transnational project on the Pacific coast of Ecuador and Colombia. Communities in Ecuador have now achieved an important success.

  • A man in a Johanniter shirt measures the upper arm of a child sitting on his mum's lap. All wear face masks

    World Food Day: Climate change and Corona pandemic tighten global hunger


    The number of people suffering from hunger continues to rise worldwide. This is due to new and ongoing conflicts, the Corona pandemic and the noticeable consequences of climate change. With many of our projects we improve the food situation.

  • Regina washes her hands with the help of a Johanniter canister

    Protecting life with hand washing


    The Corona pandemic has once again highlighted the importance of hand washing. We therefore implemented additional hygiene measures, including in Uganda. Jane Nakanwagi talks about the current situation in the country.

  • Myanmar: "Whole villages are being burnt down"

    11 October 2021

    Violence and civil war are on the rise and access to suffering population is increasingly difficult.

  • Mental health in Iraq: Finding inner peace


    Between 2013 and 2017, nearly six million people in Iraq were forced to flee after the IS took control of large parts of the country. The goal of our partner organisation, Jiyan Foundation, is to provide psychological support to survivors.

  • A man with a water canister and a bag of clothes and blankets

    Mozambique: 850,000 displaced lack water and health services


    Since 2017, the province of Cabo Delgado in northern Mozambique has seen outbreaks of violence by various militias. In the province of Cabo Delgado Johanniter are almost the only German organization working in health and nutrition.

  • Men load boxes from a truck

    Johanniter continues support in Afghanistan


    We successfully delivered urgently needed medicines and dressing materials to our medical facilities in Badghis. This will ensure basic medical care for around 55,000 people by the end of the year.