Lebanon: Food and cash aid for families in Beirut

Food package
The food packages distributed by our partner "Nabaa" contain noodles, oil, tea, sugar, legumes, burghul and rice as well as canned food.

Berlin / Beirut, 12 August 2020

Together with its partner organisation "Nabaa", Johanniter began distributing food kits to 350 families today. The people come from the Karantina and Bourj Hammoud districts, which are only a few hundred metres away from the Beirut harbour.

The explosion in Beirut on August 4th further worsened the already critical economic situation and supply problems. As a result, many people from the surrounding neighbourhoods lost their jobs. With the distributed food the basic supply of the families can be improved. The packages contain noodles, oil, tea, sugar, legumes, burghul and rice as well as canned food. "Due to the damaged kitchens and cooking utensils, some of the people are no longer able to cook, which is why we provide them with canned food for simple consumption," says Yasser Dawoud, head of Nabaa. In the coming days, there will be further distributions and cash aid for 242 families. "Initial on-site surveys have shown that around 50,000 people need further support with food, cash and tools to repair their homes," says Luisa Rueda, Regional Office Manager of Johanniter for the Middle East. Johanniter is therefore looking into how to support the people in the coming weeks.


On August 4th, a warehouse in the harbour area of Beirut exploded. The detonation killed over 150 people and injured more than 6.000. Large parts of the city were destroyed or damaged. Lebanon has been suffering from a severe economic crisis for some time already. The lockdown during the Corona pandemic has intensified the situation in the country. Unemployment has risen sharply since then, and so have food prices, particularly affecting the poorer population and around two million refugees in the country.

International Assistance in Lebanon
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International Assistance in Lebanon

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