Health care facilities are competing with each other against a background of increasing financial pressure. All hospitals are forced to pursue policies aimed at the continued existence of the facility.

One yardstick for a patients’ or cooperative partners’ decisions to use Johanniter-Krankenhaus Gronau as a service provider is certainly the quality of the facility, in addition to other important factors.

This is supported by the legal obligation to introduce an internal quality management system.

For this reason, the position of Quality Management Officer was created at Johanniter Hospital Gronau as a staff position on the management team.

What is quality

Quality is interpreted quite differently and there is no existing agreement on the definition of what constitutes the term ‘quality’:  

  • "Quality is defined as the totality of characteristics and features of a product, process, or service that make it suitable for meeting specified requirements."
  • "Quality is the degree of probability that the treatment will lead to the results desired by the patient and, taking into account current medical knowledge, minimises the risk of adverse side effects."
  • "Realised condition of a unit with regard to the quality requirement".

 From our point of view, the term quality stands for keeping promises and commitments and is characterised by being predictable and reliable. In this context, quality refers not only to products and services, but also to: how people work, equipment is operated, and systems and policies are handled.

Quality objectives of Johanniter-Krankenhaus Gronau

These topics are to be defined as quality objectives for Johanniter-Krankenhaus Gronau within the framework of certification.