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ENT Practice Bonn

Your specialist practice for ear, nose and throat medicine
Outpatient Surgeries

Welcome to the website of the Johanniter ENT-Practice Bonn.

As a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine, I offer you a wide range of services. This includes general ENT examinations, specialised functional diagnostics such as hearing tests, balance tests and swallowing tests as well as allergy diagnostics. I also perform outpatient surgeries on children and adults.

Yours Kord Buschhorn

Our Practice Services

  • General ENT examinations
  • Endoscopies (e.g. vocal cords, larynx, nose)
  • Hearing tests
    • Sound and speech audiometry
    • Brainstem audiometry
    • Optoacoustic emissions
    • Impedance measurements (pressure test)
  • Outpatient surgeries (children and adults)
  • Balance tests (for vertigo)
  • Swallowing examination
  • Allergy testing and therapy (hyposensitisation)
  • Sleep examination ("snoring"/ breathing pauses)
  • Intratympanic cortisone therapy (acute hearing loss)
  • Inhalation and radiation

We Work Together With

  • Joint Practice for Paediatric Surgery and Paediatric Anaesthesia

    (Praxisgemeinschaft Kinderchirurgie und Kinderanästhesie)
    Dr. med. Karl Becker
    Specialist for paediatric surgery
    Bernd Weber 
    Specialist for Paediatric Surgery

    Tel. 0228 / 26 42 44
    Prinz-Albert-Straße 26
    53113 Bonn