Interdisciplinary Medical Centres

Within our centres, experienced physicians from different disciplines combine their knowledge to provide the best possible diagnoses and therapies for each patient.

This interdisciplinary approach has many advantages: "Multiprofessionally" we optimise diagnosis and treatment. The results of examinations are available more quickly and we can apply possible therapies more quickly.

Medical centres offer comprehensive care

Our medical centres are extensively equipped with technology. The advantages for our patients are clear: we offer medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic services quickly and comprehensively.

These centres enable structured interdisciplinary cooperation between specialists from different disciplines in order to find the best possible solution for patients.

Interdisciplinary teamwork - for you

During team conferences, the experts involved in treatment and surgery discuss all therapeutic options individually for each case. After this interdisciplinary discussion, patients receive a coordinated, consensual therapy recommendation tailored specifically to them.

During further courses of treatment, successes and the next steps of the therapy are discussed in interdisciplinary exchange. This way, we take all essential information into account in every step of decision-making.

Our goal is holistic treatment with a high degree of specialisation thanks to strong teamwork.

Our goal is an optimal therapy

Patients receive optimally coordinated therapy within our medical centres, which ensures the best possible recovery. In addition to comprehensive process documentation, the quality of results - in particular patient satisfaction - is also recorded and scientifically evaluated.

Several centres have been certified by independent teams of experts and societies, including the German Hospital Federation. These certificates confirm their high-quality standards.

Our Centres