Our team is characterised by a particularly high proportion of specialists and has many years of experience in monitoring vital bodily functions during an operation, as well as in treating organ dysfunctions that may occur during or after the operation.

Our task is the complete perioperative care of patients, from the premedication visit to the preoperative preparation, the immediately following anaesthesia, and the postoperative care in the recovery room or within the intensive care unit. This enables us to have a particularly personal level of contact with our patients.

Within our interdisciplinary intensive and intermediate care unit, we treat acute emergencies and, under anaesthesiological management, monitor and care for surgical patients who still require intensive medical treatment after a major operation.

We attach great importance to the continuous further and advanced training of our medical team. We invest in the modernisation of our anaesthesia equipment to ensure gentle and state-of-the-art ventilation and anaesthesia procedures for our patients. We recently acquired new anaesthesia equipment, which makes the entire anaesthesia process from induction to discharge more gentle and less stressful for the patient.

Our services

  • A detailed discussion during the premedication visit
  • Complete perioperative care
  • Carrying out local anaesthesia
  • Implementation of general anaesthesia
  • Implementation of analgosedation
  • Administration of epidural anaesthesia/short anaesthesia/local anaesthesia/sedation
  • Pain therapy and pain management after operations
  • Surgical intensive care medicine 
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Care by anaesthesiologists

For our patients

In the case of major operations (e.g. joint replacement, intestinal surgery, etc.), the patient is informed about the planned anaesthesia during the anaesthesia consultation, by a specialist, after a clinical examination. Via a detailed discussion, the advantages and disadvantages, but also the special features of the procedures to be considered for the respective operation, are presented and discussed together with the patient.

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