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Geriatrische Fachpflege

Careful nursing and kindness - these are important principles that guide our actions. Nursing care at Johanniter-Krankenhaus Gronau is oriented towards the individual needs of patients. Support is given where it is needed, abilities ("resources") are maintained and promoted.

In addition to providing scientifically sound care, we attach particular importance to dealing with patients and with each other in a way that is shaped by the Christian image of humanity. In Gronau, nursing care has traditionally been shaped by the work of the members of the Johanniter sisterhood; almost 80 Johanniter sisters work at Johanniter-Krankenhaus Gronau.

Our services

  • Respect and consideration for our patients.
  • Professional care that takes individual needs into account.
  • In the sense of the Christian image of man, professional and appreciative cooperation with many other professional groups is the basis for the care of the people entrusted to us.
  • We accompany our patients throughout their stay in hospital and prepare them for the time after discharge.
  • Specially trained nursing staff work in the operating theatre, in anaesthesia, in the intensive care unit, in case management, and in the management area.
  • We work closely with all the teams in our hospital to care for, advise, and guide our patients and their relatives.
  • Our trainees learn to put their theoretical knowledge into practice under the professional guidance of experienced health care and nursing staff.
  • We regularly attend further and advanced training courses in order to be able to offer our nursing services with the highest professionalism and quality, now and in the future as well.
  • We support our patients across all the activities of daily living.
  • Our tasks include carrying out medical orders and assisting in medical diagnostics and therapy.

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