Additional payment/costs

Optional physician

If you wish, you can be treated by the respective chief physician or, in his absence, by his/her deputy. You will be billed separately for treatment by the head physician in accordance with the German statutory scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ). This includes, among other things, accompanying medical services such as anaesthesia and laboratory medicine.

Our price list

Settlement of accommodation costs is guaranteed via your private or supplementary insurance (at least relating to German insurances - insurances from other countries might have other regulations). All room rates are agreed with the German Association of Private Health Insurers (PKV). If you do not have supplementary insurance, you have the option of claiming the service as a self-paying patient.

Comfort ward (Additional Services Ward)  
single-bedroom* 166.00 euro / day
two-bedroom* 86.00 euro / day
Wards 3 and 4  
single-bedroom* 102.25 euro / day
two-bedroom* 55.60 euro / day

Important: Wards 3 and 4 only if the capacity of the comfort ward/additional services ward 2 is fully utilised or if there is a medical indication (medical justification) - for example, geriatrics.

Accommodation and meals for an accompanying person *: 45 euro / day.

The days of admittance and discharge are calculated together as one day only.

* If our capacity permits, we will be happy to accommodate you in a single- or two-bedroom.

Note: Check in advance whether your private health insurance/aid or your statutory health insurance covers these costs via a special optional tariff.