Johanniter continues to expand aid in Turkey and Syria

In Turkey and Syria, Johanniter will start further comprehensive relief measures in the coming days. For this purpose, a second emergency relief team will travel to Turkey on Sunday, February 19.

Soon two weeks after the severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, millions of people are still in urgent need of help. Estimates put the number of people affected by the disaster at more than five million in Syria and around 2.2 million in Turkey. In some places, the entire infrastructure has been destroyed, making it very difficult for the population to receive supplies.
"There is largely no electricity, heating or water for the affected people. Relief supplies are in short supply and have to be brought to the affected regions from other parts of the country or from abroad," reports Juliane Flurschütz, a member of the five-person Johanniter reconnaissance team that arrived in the region immediately after the quake. Johanniter is supporting the affected people in both countries with comprehensive relief measures.

In the heavily damaged Turkish city of Gaziantep, Johanniter and its partner organisation MAPS have been providing warm meals to more than 15,000 people per day. In addition, large quantities of hygiene and baby items are being procured. These items will be distributed to the affected people in the region around Antakya, Hatay province, over the weekend.

Part of the Johanniter reconnaissance team has also been in Syria, in the regions of Idlib and Afrin, over the past few days to prepare relief activities here together with partners. "People are living in very difficult conditions, as there are no basic services. Everywhere along the roads, you see makeshift camps with people who have become homeless," said Sevin Ibrahim, a member of the Johanniter reconnaissance team.
Again, Johanniter partner MAPS has been providing hot food to a thousand people in the region around Afrin every day for days. This aid will now be further expanded with Johanniter funds. At the same time, Johanniter will start delivering milk parcels for babies and building materials for damaged houses next week. "600 families will receive additional cash to buy the things they need most urgently at the local markets," Ibrahim continues. In order to restore medical supplies in particular, five hospitals are being supported with medicines and fuel is being supplied for the hospitals' generators and ambulances.

Another emergency relief team replaces reconnaissance team
To continue the mission in Turkey, Johanniter will send another emergency relief team to the region on Sunday, February 19, to relieve the current one, which will return to Germany on Monday.