Our approach

High Quality Aid – worldwide

Together with people all around the world, we are striving for a life with dignity and health – in times of crises and for a better future. To this end, we are focusing our work on two overall objectives: Ensuring survival and strengthening resilience. We tailor our measures to the needs of the people affected and work closely with local partners.

Using international quality standards, self-commitments and own requirements, we regularly monitor the implementation of these measures. The valuable results of our impact monitoring are then incorporated into the new projects. In this way, we are constantly improving our work and implementing our claim as a learning organisation.

Quality is checked and constantly improved

We involve the population and local actors such as civil society organisations in every step of a project. Whether the aid reaches the population as planned, and whether the use of funds is justified is checked by both staff in the country offices and project managers from Germany on regular monitoring trips. Interim reviews, evaluation workshops and interviews with project participants and employees all show whether measures have been implemented correctly and the stated objectives have been achieved, or whether adjustments are necessary. Each year, selected Johanniter projects are reviewed by external experts. Their recommendations are incorporated into future project design.

In 2022 the International DIN EN ISO 9001 certification was extended for another year to the head office in Germany and by extension to the International Assistance department following an external audit.

Our strategy

Learn more about our goals, approaches and methods for the coming years.


  • With Strong Partners at Local Level

    We strengthen the visibility and role of local partner organisations.


  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

    PM&E are essential components of each project cycle.


  • Our Network

    In order to continuously improve our work and learn from others we are members of different networks.


  • Prepared for Humanitarian Challenges

    Just as in other areas of life there are international quality standards that apply to humanitarian aid.