Ensuring Healthy Nutrition

Food Security and Income Generation

The degree to which individuals, families and entire communities are affected in crises and after disasters is closely related to physical and economic integrity. A secure income and access to sufficient food enables those affected to overcome the consequences more quickly. In order to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable people before, during and after disasters and crises, we therefore implement comprehensive income and food security programmes in project countries together with our partners.


Eine Frau die glücklich Mais isst.
In Ecuador, we support small farming families in the Andean highlands with food and income security.

Access to Markets as a Community of Solidarity

In return, we support improved access to markets and arable or pasture land for our own food production. Together with local partners and communities, income and marketing opportunities are sought to improve economic opportunities. Community-based savings groups promote solidarity among themselves and the protection of individuals and families by the community.

Protecting Resources Secures Basic Needs

The good condition of agricultural land, watercourses and forests is directly related to sustainable food production. These topics are communicated to people through awareness-raising measures, training courses and educational materials. Innovative energy sources and solutions are used to conserve natural resources.

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