Gelüchtete mit Kind
In Uganda

we support refugees and the local communities in refugee settlements.

International Assistance in Uganda

Why we are on site

Uganda is the country with the highest number of refugees in all of Africa. A total of around 1.4 million people live here, who come from the neighbouring countries of South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Eritrea. The majority of them are women and children who have fled violence and armed conflict. The refugees receive legally guaranteed protection, as well as the right to work and move around. In addition, they are allocated land that they can use for agricultural cultivation. However, these land parcels are usually not large enough to ensure an adequate supply of food. Due to the many additional areas of land for cultivation, the settlements often extend over very large areas. This makes it difficult to provide adequate supplies for the people living there.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Uganda since 2017
Staff Members
of Johanniter work on site
could be reached in 2021
Partner Organisations
implement the projects on the ground

What we achieve together with our partner organisations

Johanniter International Assistance has been active in Uganda since 2017. We support refugees as well as the local communities in the refugee settlements. In our projects, we teach the refugees about healthy nutrition and good hygiene practices in order to improve their living conditions. We also support people with disabilities by setting up self-help groups, where they receive training on the topics such as preventive health care, hygiene and good nutrition. They also have the opportunity to receive training and support in order to work together in savings and loan groups. This makes it easier for them to access loans for starting income-generating activities.

Project News from Uganda

  • Amin kocht

    „My heart bleeds whenever I see a sick or malnourished child“


    The South Sudanese Nema Yar Amin has been living in the Rhino refugee camp in Uganda since 2015. Here she cares for malnourished children by counselling the mothers and improving the nutritional situation. Our partner CEFORD supports her.

  • Lomuju sitzt auf einem Stuhl und schaut auf den langen Weg vor sich.

    Flight: When psycholgical wounds hardly heal


    Experienced violence and the resulting flight leave deep scars on many of those affected, which can have consequences for many years afterwards. Our partner organisation CEFORD provides important psychological support to overcome trauma.