Flüchtlingskind in Jordanien
In Jordan

we have supported refugees and host communities on the border with Syria. After the traumatic war experiences, children and young people were given the opportunity to grow up again in an age-appropriate manner.

International Assistance in Jordan

Why we are on site

In Jordan there are about 75 refugees for every 1,000 inhabitants. The majority come from neighbouring Syria. 83 per cent of Syrian refugees live mostly in urban areas outside refugee camps below the poverty line; they are dependent on humanitarian aid.

Jordan is one of the countries with the world’s fewest water resources. The growing population makes the situation even more complex for the more than ten million inhabitants, which is why many people do not have sufficient access to clean drinking water. Agriculture also suffers from the lack of water. The country is not able to produce enough food itself and has to import food.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Jordan since 2013
Staff Members
of Johanniter works on site

What we achieve together with our partner organisations

Johanniter International Assistance maintains its regional office in the capital Amman. All projects in the neighbouring countries Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq are managed from there. Until 2019, Johanniter’s activities in Jordan focused on supporting refugees and the host communities on the border to Syria. By providing child-friendly spaces, children and young people in particular were given the opportunity to return to a degree of normality and their childhood after years of war and hardship.

Things to Know About Johanniter International Assistance

  • We Help Together with Local Partners

    Johanniter International Assistance aims to involve local actors more closely in the humanitarian system and give them a more prominent role in it. This is why the partner approach plays an important role in our projects.

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