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For Better Health

Promote Health and Treat Illnesses

Health is a fundamental right for everyone. In countries with poorly developed health care systems, there is often a shortage of medical personnel. There, nurses or paramedics care for the ill in simple health stations. We at Johanniter provide targeted support to these facilities to improve basic medical care. Our focus is on the health of mothers and children and on particularly vulnerable groups.

Health Services in Crises and after Disasters

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, we are improving access to basic health services.

In crisis areas and after natural disasters, we and our partners use mobile clinics to provide swift care where no medical infrastructure exists. If necessary, we send emergency medical teams certified by the World Health Organization to disaster regions to ensure the immediate survival of the local population.

Health Begins at the Community Level

Our primary goal is to continuously increase preventive measures to avoid disease and the resilience of healthcare systems in crisis regions. To this end, we are improving the infrastructure of primary healthcare systems and promoting the training of medical personnel. Community-based health workers have a crucial role to play in the prevention and early detection of diseases and in the initial care of those affected.

Preventive Measures Prevent Disease

Clean drinking water and adequate sanitation are crucial to prevent disease. Therefore, preventative components are always implemented in all our health projects. This also includes the promotion of hygiene, such as encouraging regular hand washing. All these measures help to reduce morbidity and mortality and provide crucial protection for people’s health.

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