A mother explains to another mother with an infant the advantages of breastfeeding in a field.
In South Sudan

our activities focus on medical care for pregnant women, mothers and their newborns. We improve the hygiene situation and the nutritional status. In this way we contribute to the reduction of mortality.

International Assistance in South Sudan

Why we are on site

By declaring its independence from the North, South Sudan hoped for a better and more peaceful future. But since the renewed flare-up of violence and the subsequent escalation of the conflict, some two million people have been living as refugees in their own country. Another 1.2 million people have fled across the borders to neighbouring countries. There is a lack of infrastructure, food, clean water and medical care. Over five million people do not have enough to eat and are dependent on aid.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in South Sudan since 2012
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What we accomplish

Johanniter International Assistance has been active in South Sudan since 2012. Our activities there focus on providing medical care for pregnant women, mothers and their new-borns in the western part of the country. In addition, we advocate healthy and adequate nutrition and work to improve the hygiene situation in order to prevent diseases. School gardens for improved agriculture and the construction of latrines have already contributed to this in recent years. Our goal is to improve health care and the condition of the population in the long term and from birth. For this reason, we are building maternity wards in coordination with local stakeholders and treating malnutrition and undernourishment in children and pregnant and lactating women. To this end, we have been maintaining a stabilization centre in the refugee camp in the town of Wau since 2017.

Project News from South Sudan

  • South Sudan: "ICCM Approach Drastically Reduced Deaths"
    A woman with her baby in a health center

    South Sudan: "ICCM Approach Drastically Reduced Deaths"


    This year, Johanniter in South Sudan began introducing the integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) approach. The project will improve timely health care for children under five living in rural communities in Wau and Jur River Counties.

  • South Sudan: More protection and health for girls and women
    A women with two kids on her way home

    South Sudan: More protection and health for girls and women


    On average, eight pregnant women and five newborns die every day in South Sudan from birth complications. We are committed to improving the care of pregnant women and providing more protection against violence.