Zwei Frauen mit Kopftuch sitzen mit mehreren Kindern in einer Notunterkunft.
Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Johanniter is sending a three-person assessment team to the affected region.

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Ensuring Survival

We support people affected by crises and disasters.

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For A Life with Health and Dignity

In humanitarian crises and after disasters, we enable affected people to survive with dignity. We help them to cope better with the effects of crises, violent conflicts, natural disasters or climate change by strengthening their resilience.

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Text noch nicht dynamisch!!! Die "Regenbogennation" Südafrika hat eine bewegte Geschichte mit Rassentrennung und Befreiung von der Apartheid hinter sich. Als politischer und wirtschaftlicher Riese in der Region des Südlichen Afrika spricht Südafrika auch ein gewichtiges Wort in der Weltpolitik mit, zu Hause steht das Land aber vor immensen sozialen Aufgaben.

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News from our projects

  • Myanmar: Johanniter Emergency relief starts after Cyclone Mocha

    Food and hygiene kits on their way to Rakhine ++ 200,000 euros for emergency relief provided

  • Forgotten crises #IntoFocus

    Around 30 German relief organizations have joined forces to put forgotten crises in the spotlight.

  • Easter in the Spreewald

    Just like Christmas, Easter is very important in my family. For generations, we have celebrated the holiday in our own way: a mixture of Christian traditions and local customs from the Spreewald.

  • DR Congo: Johanniter provides emergency medical relief for IDPs in North Kivu

    Over a quarter million people are again on the run in the province of North Kivu. The camps for displaced people around the provincial capital Goma are already overcrowded. Johanniter is providing emergency medical relief in four camps.

  • One month after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

    One month ago today, the devastating two earthquakes hit the border region between Turkey and Syria. Tens of thousands of people died, millions were left homeless.

  • Myanmar: Two years after the Coup d'Etat

    It is the second anniversary of the military coup in Myanmar. Since then, millions of people in the country have been living in great fear and poverty.

  • Germany: A traditional Christmas

    On the last three Sundays, I reported on the Christmas traditions of three other countries. In this last post, I would now like to tell you about my personal Christmas.

  • DR of Congo: Over a quarter of a million people on the run

    Escalating violence in the east of the country is forcing 370,000 people to flee. They are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Johanniter provides medical assistance.

  • Kenya: Santa in a Range Rover

    Christmas in Kenya is the time when everyone goes to see their family. Santa also comes on Christmas Eve. But not on a sleigh pulled by reindeers. Rather, he comes in a Range Rover, on a bicycle or even on a camel.

  • Philippines: A very long Christmas season

    The Philippines is known for the longest Christmas season in the world. Beginning in September, the festivities do not end until January.

  • Ecuador: Christmas with a turkey

    Sandra Weppler, head of our office in Quito, talks about Christmas traditions in Ecuador and her festivities with a half Ecuadorian and half German family.

  • Ukraine: "Hope, that the world has not forgotten them"

    Johanniter and its partner NEW DAWN are working together in the Kherson region to provide the necessities of life to displaced people and those who have remained in the villages.

  • Ukraine: Aid at the front

    72 villages near the front line in southeastern Ukraine are receiving urgently needed aid in the form of food, hygiene items and generators.

  • Lebanon: The Fatal Effects of the War in Ukraine

    There ain't no rest for the people in Lebanon. The war in Ukraine is a danger for the local people - even though there are almost 2,000 kilometres between Kiev and Beirut.

  • Lebanon: Medical care for Syrian refugees

    30 August 2022

    The difficult economic situation in Lebanon also leads to a deterioration in health care. Johanniter therefore continues to provide medical care for 30,000 Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese in the Bekaa Valley.

  • Cambodia: Better agriculture despite climate change

    The climate change has a particularly significant impact on Cambodia's population, as 80% of its population lives in rural areas. They are particularly dependent on agriculture and natural resources.

  • DR Congo: Johanniter team increases security measures after violent protests

    International Johanniter staff members leave the metropolis of Goma after a breakout of violence on Wednesday.


Your Donation Counts!

With every donation you support the people on site. You can help!

Your Donation Counts!

With every donation you support the people on site. You can help!

Our Sectors

  • Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

    We integrate preventive hygiene measures into our health projects. We also support the construction, maintenance and access to adequate drinking water and sanitation facilities.

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  • Health for All

    We support basic medical care with a special focus on mother-child health and on particularly vulnerable groups. Preventive measures reduce diseases and mortality rates in the medium and long term.

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  • Securing Nutrition and Income

    Everyone should have access at all times to safe and adequate food that meets their needs and enables them to live a healthy life. This is the basis for earning an income of their own.

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Things to Know About International Assistance

  • We Help Together with Local Partners

    Johanniter International Assistance aims to involve local actors more closely in the humanitarian system and give them a more prominent role in it. This is why the partner approach plays an important role in our projects.

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