In Ukraine and neighbouring countries

we support health facilities and refugees

International Assistance in Ukraine and neighbouring countries

Why We Are On Site

Russia's war on Ukraine, which began on 24 February 2022, has brought destruction and suffering to millions of people. Only a few weeks after the invasion, 12 million Ukrainians needed aid. Five million people had left the country, while more than seven million were internally displaced.

Basic services were no longer guaranteed in many places, especially in the east and south of the country. Neighbouring countries such as Poland, Romania or the small Republic of Moldova have taken in and provided for many refugees. For hundreds of thousands of people, a short-term return seems impossible due to the enormous destruction and the ongoing war.

In addition, the war has serious repercussions worldwide: Ukraine was considered a granary for global grain exports. Due to shortages and thus rising prices, African countries in particular are threatened with famine as a result of the loss of grain production.

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million people
were in need of aid shortly after the war began
million people
were internally displaced shortly after the war began

What We Achieve Together with Our Partner Organisations

With the beginning of the fighting, Johanniter was able to distribute first relief packages in the city of Poltava, followed by about 58 trucks with about 700 tons of relief goods within the first two months. The cooperation with companies, local partners, and Johanniter structures in Germany was crucial for the successful aid in the first weeks. Initially, food, nappies, blankets for the late winter and hygiene products were in the foreground, but increasingly, medical supplies and medicines were delivered. From storage and distribution centres in Heidenau, Saxony, as well as through the partner organisation Tasuleasa Social in Bistritz, Romania, supplies were continuously delivered, benefiting more than 40 health facilities.

Johanniter Hungary was supported at an early stage in setting up nine emergency shelters near the border with field beds or kitchen equipment. In the Republic of Moldova, three partner organisations provide assistance to refugees. While the organisation EcoVisio sets up and supports shelters, a mobile team from CASMED looks after the mental well-being of refugees. The organisation Eco-Razeni prepares daily packed lunches, which it distributes to a total of 2,000 refugees.  Further aid projects are planned in cooperation with Ukrainian partners.

Project News from Ukraine and neighbouring countries

  • "Hope, that the world has not forgotten them"

    Johanniter and its partner NEW DAWN are working together in the Kherson region to provide the necessities of life to displaced people and those who have remained in the villages.

  • Aid at the front

    72 villages near the front line in southeastern Ukraine are receiving urgently needed aid in the form of food, hygiene items and generators.

  • Moldova: Hot meals for refugees

    Since April, the partner organisation Eco-Razeni has been providing around 300 refugees from Ukraine with hot meals every day, combining aid with the training and empowerment of people with disabilities.

  • Being near and showing empathy: that is often enough."

    08 June 2022

    Psychologist Victoria Novicova from Ukraine writes about her migration and how she helps other people today working for our partner organisation CASMED in Moldova.

  • Johanniter Extends Assistance to Ukraine

    22. May 2022

    Projects focusing on integration and psychosocial care have started in Ukraine, in neighbouring countries, and in Germany.