Mädchen auf einem Feld in Kambodscha
In Cambodia

the fight against poverty and hunger is the focus of our work. Innovative approaches promote adaptation to climate change and strengthen particularly vulnerable communities.

International Assistance in Cambodia

Why We Are On Site

After decades of civil war and the genocide by the Khmer Rouge, despite the country’s stable economic growth and the positive results in the fight to reduce poverty, Cambodia is still among one of the least developed countries in Asia. The economic exploitation of natural resources has a negative impact on the biological diversity in rural areas and the livelihood of many people. The rural population hardly benefits from the decline in poverty.

The effects of global climate change are manifested in more frequent typhoons, floods, landslides and droughts. This endangers the access of some parts of the population to food and clean drinking water. Especially in remote regions, there is insufficient sanitation and health care. Cambodia is one of the countries in the region most affected by gender-specific violence. Almost every fourth woman between 15-45 years of age experiences physical, emotional or sexualized violence.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Cambodia since 2011
Staff Members
of Johanniter work on site
could be reached in 2022
Partner Organisations
implemented the projects on the ground

What We Achieve Together with our Partner Organisations

In 2011, Johanniter International Assistance became involved in Cambodia in the field of basic health. Together with our partner organisations, today we are particularly active in combating hunger and poverty, whereby our projects focus especially on children and women in rural areas. The prevention and combating of gender-specific violence against women is a central focus of our projects.

We improve the food and income situation by supporting efficient and sustainable agriculture with the use of innovative assistive technology. Renewable energies, such as the use of biogas and solar energy, contribute to climate protection and conserve natural resources. In this way, we strengthen the resilience of people in crisis situations and holistically promote their ability to help themselves.

Our projects in Cambodia

  • Support for climate-friendly and productive agricultural practices

    We support people in adapting to climate change.

  • Project to reduce gender-based violence

    We help prevent and reduce gender-based violence.


    Strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity of children and communities for a safe and livable future

    We help to deal with climate change.

  • Strengthening resilience in a sustainable way

    We support communities to improve their resilience.


    Improving mental health for affected and vulnerable population

    We facilitate psychotherapeutic services for the population.