Kids in Iraq
In Iraq

we improve access to basic health services for displaced persons, returnees and local residents. They receive medical treatment and psychological support.

International Assistance in Iraq

Why We Are On Site

The conflict between the state security forces and the Islamic State (IS) reached its peak in 2017. Years later, the effects are still being felt in Iraq. Ethnic and social tensions, an insecure political situation and natural disasters all contribute to a deteriorating humanitarian situation for the population. Many people who had to flee from the violence and conflicts live as internally displaced persons under precarious conditions in various camps and communities in the country. Countless people have been traumatized, and integration into their new living environment is often difficult.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Iraq since 2017
People in Iraq
are physically or mentally handicapped according to the UN
could be reached in 2020
Partner Organisation
implement the project on the ground

What We Achieve Together with Our Partner Organisation

Johanniter International Assistance has been active in Iraq since 2017 through partner organisations to provide the population with access to basic health services. They receive medical as well as psychological treatment. We reduce the stigmatization of mental illness by educating and sensitizing communities about it. A dialogue program promotes cohesion between the various ethnic and religious groups, thus facilitating integration.

Project News from Iraq

  • Three staff members are looking at documents. All wear medical face masks

    Mental health in Iraq: Finding inner peace


    Between 2013 and 2017, nearly six million people in Iraq were forced to flee after the IS took control of large parts of the country. The goal of our partner organisation, Jiyan Foundation, is to provide psychological support to survivors.

  • A employee of the Jiyan Foundation and some patients are making appointments

    Iraq: Open Wounds After the Reign of IS


    During the regime of Islamic State (IS), the Iraqi city of Alquosh has taken in many traumatised refugees. Our partner organisation Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is offering psychological support for those affected.