Frauen warten in Chimoio auf Verteilung von Saatgut
In Mozambique

we are supporting the communities affected by Cyclone Idai in order to repair damage and strengthen their self-sufficiency.

International Assistance in Mozambique

Why we are on site

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. Every ninth adult is infected with HIV and many children grow up without parents, which further increases poverty. After 16 years of civil war, a ceasefire was negotiated in the 1990s, but political and religious tensions persist to this day. In addition to health care, the drinking water supply is also inadequate in many places. Cyclone Idai, which devastated the country in March 2019, made the situation even more precarious.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Mozambique since 2019
Staff Members
of Johanniter work on site
could be reached in 2021
Partner Organisations
implement the projects on the ground

What we achieve together with our partner organisations

After Cyclone Idai devastated the country, Johanniter International Assistance was on site locally with an emergency aid team to support basic medical care for one month. In a remote region, we also set up a health centre with equipment and medicine. Together with our local partner organisations, we then provided tools and seeds in the regions affected by Idai to enable the people to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible. Now we are shifting our engagement to the north of the country. In the impoverished province of Cabo Delgado, there has been violence and displacement since 2017. We have been supporting refugee families with relief supplies since 2021 with oir partner organisation Wiwanana and want to improve the hygiene and health situation in the long term.

Project News from Mozambique

  • Lager "25 Junho"

    „Without supplies, shelter and water“


    The conflict between Islamists and state security forces, which has been escalating for months, has resulted in hundreds of thousands of displaced persons who are staying in camps under the most difficult conditions.

  • Acute water shortage fosters disease


    More than 735,000 people have fled violence in northern Mozambique since 2017. Together with our partner Wiwanana, we are supporting the people with relief supplies to protect them from the threat of chlorine outbreaks and disease.