In Afghanistan

we support IDPs and refugees in the health sector and promote adequate access to drinking water and sanitation.

International Assistance in Afghanistan

Afghanistan after the change of power

Johanniter has been working in Afghanistan for more then 20 years, providing medical care, livelihoods and shelter to the population as well as to internally displaced persons and refugees in the country. Even after the change of power two years ago, our team in Kabul, together with our partners, is supporting the people and doing important project work.

Why we are on site

Afghanistan has been marked by violent conflict and political instability for several decades. Clashes between state security forces and armed groups have left their mark: sowing deep fear and insecurity among the population. People have been displaced, especially from remote regions of the country. The affected communities are mostly cut off from national institutions and international aid.

Poor economic development leads to inadequate basic services. There is a lack of trained medical and nursing staff throughout the country. Drug trafficking plays an essential role in financing the conflict. 29.2 million people are dependent on humanitarian aid. By the end of 2022, some 5.7 million people had fled the country, and around 3,2 million people are internally displaced persons who seek refuge primarily in the capital Kabul. There they often live in very confined spaces under precarious conditions.

After the Taliban take power in the country in 2021 restrictive policies towards women and girls have further intensified. In addition to frequent natural disasters such as the earthquake in June 2022, the economic crisis continues to worsen: 20 million Afghans are suffering from acute food insecurity. In particular, the 3.2 million people displaced by the ongoing conflict in the country are extremely vulnerable.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Afghanistan since 2002
Staff Members
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Partner Organisations
implement the projects on the ground

What we achieve together with our partner organisations

For over twenty years, Johanniter International Assistance has been present in Afghanistan focused on supporting the most vulnerable refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and local populations. These focal points are in line with our Global Strategy which aims to work with communities that are most vulnerable to shocks, in order to address immediate needs as well as advocate side by side with the people we serve.

In Afghanistan, Johanniter and its partners focus on three main thematic areas: Health, Shelter and Livelihoods. specifically We focus on emergency primary health care, including mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), maternal and child healthcare, nutrition, WASH, shelter, livelihoods as well as emergency response in the center, south-east and western parts of the country through the provision of life saving humanitarian assistance. Through longstanding partnerships, we are able to serve hard to reach areas across the country, including Kabul, Khost and Badghis.

In the health sector, Johanniter has successfully implemented an OCHA/AHF-funded project for the provision of emergency primary health care services, COVID-19 response and physiotherapy services for externally displaced population in four districts of Khost province: Gurbaz, Matun, Spera, and Tani. The project reached 45,100 people – primarily refugees and host communities – with direct access to primary healthcare services. Additionally, Johanniter supported integrated nutrition services, emergency reproductive, maternal and child health services, psychosocial support (MHPSS), hygiene education and community awareness raising on the prevention of communicable diseases. During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020-2021, Johanniter expanded its programming by providing screening, testing and awareness raising to 70,000 vulnerable Afghan communities in 21 of the 52 informal settlements in Kabul, Khost and Kunduz.

Additionally, in June 2022, in the Spera district of Khost, Johanniter implemented a German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) funded emergency response programme providing multi-sectoral assistance to 500 households (both IDPs and returnees) affected by the earthquake on 21 June 2022. Through livelihood and emergency response programming, Johanniter provided shelter repair and livelihood support focusing on IDPs, returnees and vulnerable host populations, including Pakistani refugees.

Our projects in Afghanistan

  • Basic health care and psychosocial services for IDPs, returnees and the most vulnerable

    We support IDPs and returnees in accessing health services, hygiene, sanitation and access to drinking water.

  • Emergency medical care for IDPs

    We help reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.