Menschen mit Behinderung in Palästina
In Palestine

we support people with disabilities in gaining access to decent work. We pursue an inclusive approach.

International Assistance in Palestine

Why we are on site

Life in Palestine has been shaped by the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians for several decades. Again and again, there have been attacks and armed conflicts, many people are traumatized by the ongoing violence. The construction of Israeli barriers between the Israeli heartland and the West Bank, as well as border closures in the Gaza Strip, regularly restrict the freedom of movement of people and the transport of Palestinian products.

This results in unemployment and poverty. In particular, women, young people and people with disabilities are affected. Access to health care and drinking water is likewise inadequate. Food supplies are insufficient for the majority of households in the Gaza Strip, and many people in other Palestinian territories also suffer from malnutrition.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Palestine since 2004
could be reached in 2022
People with Disability
gain access to decent work
Partner Organisations
implement the projects on the ground

What we achieve together with our partner organisations

Johanniter International Assistance has been active in Palestine in the field of health care since 2004. In an eye clinic in Jerusalem, we funded the construction and operation of a research laboratory for hereditary retinal diseases. The cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian doctors was a peace-promoting element in this project. Together with our local partners, we now support people with disabilities in gaining access to decent work. This enables them to secure their livelihood independently. We pursue an inclusive approach.

Our projects in Palestine

  • Preventing avoidable blindness and visual impairment

    We help by providing eye care services to the most vulnerable Palestinian population.