Kinder im Armenviertel von Medellín
In Colombia

we support victims of the armed conflict and Venezuelan migrants. We are improving the health and nutrition situation in poor areas of the city of Medellín and providing humanitarian aid in rural areas.

International Assistance in Colombia

Why We Are On Site

Life in Colombia is characterized by extreme social inequality, decades of armed conflict and organised drug trafficking. Despite the peace agreement of 2016 between the government and the largest guerrilla group FARC-EP, there is no end in sight to the violence. Many people are forced to flee rural areas in particular. Armed groups are deliberately driving the population away and occupying the precious land in order to increase the area for drug cultivation, animal husbandry and monoculture. This leads to uprooting, great poverty and further increases social inequality. Added to this is the political and economic crisis in neighbouring Venezuela. More than one million Venezuelans have migrated to Colombia due to hunger, hyperinflation and economic decline.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Colombia since 2011
Internally Displaced Persons
have been registered in 2022
could be reached in 2022
Partner Organisations
implemented the projects on the ground

What We Achieve Together with our Partner Organisations

Our local partner organisations are committed to improving the living conditions of internally displaced persons and Venezuelan refugees. They improve the health and nutrition situation of vulnerable populations in poor neighbourhoods in the city Medellín and provide humanitarian aid in the rural surrounding area. These measures include psychosocial support, improvement of the drinking water supply, orthopaedic care for physically handicapped people and measures against malnutrition. In the border region between Colombia and Ecuador, our partner organisations carry out cross-border projects that aim to improve the food security and income bases of local indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities. The protection of natural resources and sustainability are important criteria.

Project News from Colombia

  • Zwei kleine Mädchen stehen in schmutziger Kleidung auf einem Feld. Im Hintergrund ist eine Holzhütte

    „Colombia is far from being at peace"


    Violent protests have been erupting in Colombia for weeks. Our staff member Kirsten Wesenbergdescribes in an interview how badly the country is affected by Corona, poverty, violence and a health care system that is working at its limits.

  • Unique ecosystem at risk


    The mangrove forests on Colombia's Pacific coast are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on our planet. But climate-related changes, the pollution of the oceans and widespread poverty endanger the environment and the people living there.

  • Sergio La Cruz in seiner Unterkunft

    Escape from Ruin


    Venezuelan citizens are seeking a better life and support in neighbouring Colombia. Johanniter and its partners support them and internally displaced persons of the Colombian conflict equally.