In Turkey

we support the population in dealing with the consequences of the earthquake.

International Assistance in Turkey

Why We Are On Site

On 6 February 2023, severe earthquakes with magnitudes of up to 7.8 occurred in southern Turkey and northwestern Syria, with numerous aftershocks. Tens of thousands of people died, tens of thousands were injured. Weeks after the severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, millions of people are still in urgent need of help. The clean-up work is in full swing in many cities. Millions of people have been evacuated and housed in camps outside or in other regions of the country.

died in the earthquake
are being cared for by the Johanniter in the subjected areas

What We Achieve Together with Our Partner Organisations

The Turkish disaster management coordinates the provision of food for the survivors in Turkey. Johanniter and its partner organisation MAPS were assigned to a village in Hatay province to provide 800 families with hot food twice a day. In addition to the kitchen in Hatay, another kitchen was set up in Gaziantep, Turkey, together with MAPS. So far, 37,500 meals and hygiene kits have been distributed in Turkey. With another local partner organisation from Gaziantep, Syrian refugees and ethnic minority groups who receive hardly any support from the Turkish state are also supported with shopping vouchers for local supermarkets.

Our activities in Syria

After the earthquake in February 2022, we also support the people in Syria.