In Turkey

we support the population in dealing with the consequences of the earthquake.

Johanniter in Turkey

Why we are on site

On 6 February 2023, severe earthquakes with magnitudes of up to 7.8 and numerous aftershocks occurred in south-eastern Turkey. Tens of thousands of people died, tens of thousands were injured and lost their homes and sources of income. One year on, millions of people still have to live in containers or tents and are dependent on support. The clean-up work is far from complete.

Hygiene kits
were distributed since February 2023.
warm meals
were distributed to those affected by our partners.
Baby kits
have been given to families.
were distributed to cover basic requirements.

What we achieve together with our partner organisations

Since the first days after the earthquake, Johanniter has been active in the affected area in the south-east of the country to support people. In Gaziantep and Hatay, we set up soup kitchens with MAPS and provided those affected with hot meals as well as hygiene and baby kits for the first few months. We have also provided the families with vouchers for supermarkets so that they can cover their basic needs. Together with the local organisation Kirkayak Kültür, we are supporting families who belong to the discriminated Dom and Abdal minority in Gaziantep. As they were already living in poverty before the earthquake, their situation has worsened as a result of the disaster. They receive parcels with nappies and baby food as well as financial aid.

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Our activities in Syria

After the earthquake in February 2023, we also support the people in Syria.