Strategy 2027 of Johanniter International Assistance

Johanniter International Assistance regularly revises its strategic orientation to meet the requirements in a time of increasing complex crises and disasters. The current result is the Strategy 2027, which outlines and defines our thematic core competencies and the approach of our work. All of our activities are aligned with two overall goals: Ensuring people's survival in the immediate aftermath of disasters and strengthening the resilience of disadvantaged people and communities. They are always at the center of our projects.

Since 2020, we have been reviewing this strategy and developing it further together with all country offices and partner organizations. While our 2025 strategy still focused predominantly on humanitarian work, we now want to give greater consideration to transitional aid and development cooperation, as well as repositioning emergency and immediate relief. The program objectives continue to encompass the three substantive pillars of foreign aid: emergency and immediate aid, health and securing livelihoods. The latter in particular, however, are increasingly dependent on the effects of climate change. Adaptation to climate change and disaster preparedness will be given greater weight in the future. 

Overview programmatic and organisational Strategy 2027

You can find out more about our revised strategy on page 20 of our Annual Report 2021 and in our booklet on Strategy 2027.

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