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In Lebanon

we support refugees from Palestine and Syria. We are committed to improve career prospects among young people with and without disabilities.

International Assistance in Lebanon

Why we are on site

Since the end of the civil war, Lebanon has been considered economically unstable and politically polarized. The country has been home to Palestinian refugees since 1948. They live under precarious conditions in the refugee camps in the south of the country. Ever since the outbreak of the Syrian war, Syrian and Syrian-Palestinian refugees have also sought refuge in Lebanon. The camps are overcrowded and offer neither sufficient space nor food for the people. However, since a registered place of residence is the basis to be recognised as a refugee and to obtain a work permit, many people live in poverty. Registered families are also often dependent on international aid, as jobs are in the low-wage sector, are very limited and only a few people are able to provide for themselves. 

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Lebanon since 2012
Young People
were supported in their vocational training
Affected Families
received food packages after the explosion in Beirut
Partner Organisations
implement the projects on the ground

What we achieve together with our partner organisations

Johanniter International Assistance has been active on site since 2013 and supports the people in the refugee camps through partner organisations. In the past, people living in the camps received hygiene and food packages as well as relief supplies to equip them for the winter. In addition, we also provided support for health care in the city of Majdal Anjar on the border to Syria. Together with our local partner “Naba'a”, we are currently offering vocational training for young refugees with and without disabilities from three Palestinian refugee camps. This puts them in a better position to generate their own income and to provide for themselves in the long term.

Project News from Lebanon

  • Help against an approaching collapse


    The economic decline in Lebanon has been worsening for months. Our partner Naba'a distributes relief supplies to 590 people.

  • Ein Junge macht Hausaufgaben am Wohnzimmertisch

    Lockdown in Lebanon: Families put to a Tough Test


    Since mid January, a hard lockdown has been in place in Lebanon. Throughout the country, people are no longer allowed to go out on the streets. Our staff member Roy Joude spoke to several families to find out how they are currently coping.

  • Jugendliche mit Mund-Nasen Bedeckung sitzen in einem Klassenzimmer

    Lebanon: New Horizons for Young People


    An ongoing economic crisis and growing unrest have destabilized the situation in Lebanon in recent months. The COVID 19 pandemic has further exacerbated the situation.Our project enables 540 young people to receive vocational training.