Turkey: Johanniter expert supports WHO EMT initiative

Manfred Emmerling

Berlin, 21 September 2020

Manfred Emmerling, Logistics Coordinator at Johanniter International Assistance and volunteer in the Johanniter Emergency Medical Team, will join a team of the World Health Organization (WHO) as a technical expert on 22 and 23 September 2020 to certify the new Turkish Emergency Medical Team (EMT). The WHO team is staffed by renowned international experts. Manfred Emmerling will be taking on the role of logistics expert for operational support. 

On Monday, September 21, our logistics coordinator, Manfred Emmerling, will travel to Istanbul to verify a new Turkish Emergency Medical Team Type 2 (EMT Type 2) together with seven other WHO representatives.

"Due to my experience in the establishment as well as in the classification and training of EMT personnel and due to the intervention of the Johanniter EMT in Mozambique, I was asked by the WHO EMT Secretariat to act as logistics expert for operational support," says Emmerling. The 45-year-old had already taken part in a verification visit to Warsaw for a Polish EMT. A request for verification of an Indonesian EMT unfortunately had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Assessment and evaluation for approval

The main task of the top-class WHO verification team is to check whether the Turkish EMT can obtain the requirements for an EMT type 2 approval. "My area of responsibility is to assess and evaluate whether it meets the requirements in the field of operational support according to WHO specifications. A main focus is put on the accompanying infrastructure which is indispensable to operate an EMT type 2 properly and independently. Examples are the power supply, the production of drinking water, availability of sanitary facilities, waste disposal and waste water. Processes and documents which have been prepared for the operational support are also evaluated. This is done on the basis of the standard documents created and an inspection of the EMTs set up," explains the logistics expert.

Our Johanniter EMT was also inspected by an internationally staffed verification team in June 2017 before they received the approval as EMT mobile type 1. "I can still remember the tension before the visit. We had worked for almost two years to get this approval. So we hoped that everything would go well during the verification. I think that's exactly what the Turkish team is going through right now," says Emmerling.

"The mission offers us a good opportunity to further network and to strengthen Johanniter in the WHO EMT initiative," says a delighted Jörn Ostertun, Head of Johanniter Emergency Aid.