Pancreatic Cancer Centre Bonn/Rhein-Sieg

Due to its special anatomical location, the treatment of cancer or inflammation (pancreatitis) of the pancreatic gland is extremely complex and requires a high level of surgical and diagnostic-interventional experience for the best possible quality of treatment and optimal care for affected patients.

For this purpose, specialists from the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg region with proven expertise in the treatment of pancreatic diseases from the fields of visceral surgery, gastroenterology, oncology, pathology, and radiology (among others) have come together to form the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Pancreatic Cancer Centre under the leadership of Prof. Andreas Türler.

The centre stands for optimal interdisciplinary cooperation between all partners involved in treatment, which of course also includes the areas of psycho-oncology, social services, nutritional counselling, physiotherapy, genetics, pain therapy, and self-help groups. As recognition of the good cooperation and excellent results of this centre, its successful certification according to the specifications of the German Cancer Society took place in May 2018.

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Treatment of cancer or pancreatitis (inflammation) of the pancreatic gland

In the case of tumours in the pancreas tail or body, operations are also carried out in a minimally invasive way. All modern and established surgical procedures are used at our centre. The DaVinci surgical robot is also used. The operation is usually followed by chemotherapy to prevent the formation of new tumour cells.

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