Prostate Cancer Centre

The Prostate Cancer Centre is a multidisciplinary network for treatment certified by the German Cancer Society. At this centre, the urology department of the Waldkrankenhaus, the Joint Practice for Radiotherapy Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, urological practices within the region, oncologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, palliative physicians, pathologists, laboratory physicians, and physiotherapists have all come together. The head of the Prostate Cancer Centre is Prof. Dr. Vorreuther. All partners of the centre work hand in hand with the aim of providing optimal care and support for people suffering from prostate cancer in all phases of treatment. Our team offers counselling, diagnostics, therapy, and aftercare close to home and at the highest medical level, using the latest equipment and surgical technology.

Treatment at the Prostate Cancer Centre is closely oriented to the recommendations of the German Cancer Society and the scientific guideline "Prostate carcinoma: early detection, diagnosis and therapy of the different stages". This ensures treatment at a high professional and scientific level.

The core of the Prostate Cancer Centre is weekly interdisciplinary case conferences ("tumour board"). Firstly, findings from all patients with prostate cancer are discussed in a conference between urologists and radiotherapists on Fridays before the start of therapy, in order to make a therapy recommendation by consensus. In addition, a tumour board is held every Monday at Johanniter Hospital to discuss findings from patients with prostate cancer who require further therapy after primary therapy, but also findings from other oncological patients (e.g. kidney, bladder, testicular cancer). Experts from all disciplines involved are represented in order to determine an optimised and customised therapy strategy for each individual case according to the latest findings of medical science.

This way, the best solution can be found for individual patients, especially within difficult situations. Decisions are made between surgery, modern interventional methods, radiation, chemotherapy, or combined procedures.

In addition to medical and nursing care, we offer patients and their relatives psychosocial, pastoral, and other supportive care to help them cope with the disease and associated problems. We also work closely with the prostate cancer self-help group in Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg district.

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  • Treatment of prostate diseases
  • Treatment of prostate cancer
  • Treatment of urological tumours
  • Treatment of urological diseases

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