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Many women need to have lumps in their breasts diagnosed. There is often a lot of fear involved in discovering whether a lump is malignant or not. There is a great deal of uncertainty about what steps are necessary and how extensive the treatment should be.

Across the following pages, we will therefore provide you with information on the diagnostic procedure and we have tried to present medical measures in comprehensible terms, especially in cases of suspected malignant breast disease. The procedures described are tailored to our collaborative Breast Centre Bonn / Euskirchen (Johanniter GmbH, Johanniter-Krankenhaus and Marien-Hospital Euskirchen) breast cancer focused clinics.

We hope that these pages will help you to understand many of the steps in making a diagnosis. However, they are in no way intended to replace a personal consultation with us or with a doctor you trust.

The following pages can be read consecutively. They explain the procedure and all the options that become necessary when a breast lump, and subsequently perhaps breast cancer, are diagnosed. However, the table of contents allows you to select individual points or skip chapters if they are not relevant to you. Even if you do not directly understand the terms used in the overview, do not hesitate to read the following texts: we have tried to translate all technical terms clearly and present them in an understandable way.

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  • Psycho-oncological care

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