Outpatient Centre at Johanniter Krankenhaus

Minor operations that used to involve a stay of several days in a clinic are increasingly being performed as outpatient surgeries. They offer numerous advantages for the patient. Children and elderly people are spared a longer stay in hospital.

Today, our modern surgical techniques also allow more complicated procedures without large incisions. The advantage: patients recover more quickly from their operations and can be discharged home sooner. Gentler anaesthetic procedures also have the result that patients rarely suffer from side effects. After the operation is finished, they are usually awake again within minutes or they are only locally anaesthetised in the first place. The same hygiene standards are applied to outpatient operations as to inpatient operations, and the same safety measures are taken, such as checking heart function, oxygen supply, and breathing.

Nevertheless, outpatient surgery is not suitable for all patients. Patients with severe underlying diseases are excluded, as are patients who need emergency surgery. In the case of outpatient operations, it must be ensured that the patient is adequately cared for at home and that someone is also available to look after them during their first night.

Many outpatient operations are possible without complications and without increased risk. The surgeon must decide together with you whether you can have an outpatient operation.

If you would like to make an appointment or enquire and clarify further details, please speak to the staff in the secretariat of the desired specialist ward.

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