Helping on a Solid Financial Base

In 2019, Johanniter International Assistance managed 75 projects in 20 countries with a total fincial volume of 19,242,552 Euros. In terms of the overall organisation, this represents an increase in turnover of 16.3 percent compared to the 2018 fincial year: 2019’s expenditure amounted to 16,540,223 Euros. At the end of the year, the project expenses consisted of 9,892,688 Euros in third-party funds and 9,349,864 Euros in donations. Compared to 2018, this meant an increase in spending third-party funding by one percent and an increase in spending our own resources by 39 percent.

  • Financial Report 2019

    Read more about the finances of Johanniter in our International Activities Report.


  • Transparency and Accountability

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