Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases / Head and Neck Surgery

The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Ward at Johanniter Waldkrankenhaus offers the entire diagnostic and therapeutic range of services for diseases in the ENT field. With us, all patients - from children to senior citizens - are in the best of hands. Our primary goal is to treat our patients competently and according to the latest scientific findings, within a comfortable, pleasant  environment. Safety and building a trusting relationship with our patients are particularly important to us.

Our special focus is on performing operations on the head and neck area. To perform these operations we have three operating theatres available. These are equipped with the latest technology and are geared to our specific requirements of being able to perform even highly complex operations. In terms of care, our patients are in the best of hands at the Waldkrankenhaus. Friendly, competent, and experienced nursing staff care for patients on two separate ENT wards.

Our services

  • Ear and ear surgery
  • Nose and nose surgery
  • Paranasal sinuses and sinus surgery
  • Benign tumours in the head and neck area and neck surgery
  • Malignant tumours in the head and neck region and tumour surgery
  • Salivary glands and salivary gland surgery
  • Operations for skin tumours

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