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Healthcare is our passion

Care is not a "job", it is a vocation.

People working in care and nursing have a high empathy level, they are willing to devote themselves to fellow human beings who are in an extreme life situation: their health is at risk, they feel threatened to lose their autonomy or independence because their body does not function as they are used to. They fear a diagnosis and the consequences for their lives. They are afraid of the outcome of therapy or an operation. They may have dementia and no longer understand the world, do not recognize their children, their partner. Many patients, especially those with life-threatening illnesses, struggle with the question of guilt and reason, their thoughts get in the way of rationality in coping with this crisis.

This is only a small sample of what an illness can trigger in patients. Care/Nursing can help here as our focus is on and around the patient, 24 hours a day with professional expertise to clarify and help with any queries or concerns. It is often the mediator between medicine and the patient, thus taking on the role of advocate for the patient's well-being. It is precisely the questions that follow this clause that make people sit up and take notice: What is the patient’s situation, what does he need immediately? This is different for every person, but you get to know each other well, precisely in this situation, because nursing is a very special relationship work.

When taking care of ill people, making sure that they are well looked after, they have had the breakfast that they like, they have engaged in conversation with you in which they feel understood and have had their fears taken away ensures that’s good care has been given. All these things can only be done with passion. Someone who chooses this profession chooses to love thy neighbour.

This can not to be rewarded materially. What is to be paid and wished for is recognition and respect by a society that is said to have lost this quality in dealing with each other and to have fallen victim to egoism.

Being close to people is the basis for this profession. Someone who doesn't have that will be unhappy in it.

"The best medicine for people is people", says an African proverb.

That's why nursing is something special because it can do just that: Being a person for people. That is what we at Johanniter want.


Ute Pocha, Care Director

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People working in nursing show a high level of empathy. They are willing to devote themselves to patients who find themselves in difficult and extreme circumstances, for instance in situations where the patients’ health is at risk or when a patient feels threatened by the loss of autonomy and independence due to the partial or complete loss of bodily functions.

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