Colorectal Centre

The diagnosis of colorectal cancer is still a very drastic event for the patient and his or her relatives. In Germany alone, more than 70,000 people develop colorectal cancer every year. This makes colorectal cancer the second most common cancer in Germany. With personal preventive care, one can significantly reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. If the disease is present, the stage of the disease is decisive in determining treatment and cure; in the earlier stages, up to 90% of patients can be permanently cured.

The aim of the Colorectal Centre Geesthacht is therefore to improve prevention, early detection, and treatment through intensive cooperation between general practitioners and specialists from the fields of gastroenterology, visceral surgery, oncology, radiology, radiotherapy, and pathology.

Our services

  • State-of-the-art imaging diagnostics including 3D reconstructions
  • Endoscopic diagnostics and therapy of the intestinal tract
  • Tumour-specific, guideline-compliant surgical procedures (including minimally invasive) by experienced visceral surgeons
  • Surgical removal of liver metastases
  • Local therapy (thermoablation) of liver metastases
  • Care by specialised oncological nursing staff based on a specialist oncological care plan
  • Systemic chemotherapy according to international standards and guidelines